One month to go to the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia 2014 the call to world leaders to respect international law, which protects LGBT free expression, was issued by IFEX, Article 19 and the IDAHO Committee, and with the support of Amnesty International. More then 140 organizations already endorsed the call, and Russian LGBT-Network is among them.


As it was reported earlier, in the beginning of March Russian LGBT Network sent an official letter to the members of the Executive Committee of Hilton Worldwide. In this letter the discriminatory actions of the administration of Hilton Moscow were described. To remind, in the end of February, one day before the events planned by Russian LGBT Network at Hilton Moscow, the administration of the hotel unilaterally cancelled all the agreements and bookings without any official explanation. Despite of numerous requests, no written explanations were given.


The round table "Principles of the open dialogue regarding social and legal situation of LGBT people in Russia" took place on February 27 at the Sakharov's center in Moscow. For the first time ever LGBT activists, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, politicians and other public figures met to discuss the problems of LGBT community in Russia. The event was initiated by the Russian LGBT Network.




The first Russian Open LGBT Games were held in Moscow from the 26th of February to the 2nd of March. In this event, organized by the federation of LGBT-Sports with the support of the coalition of the Russian LGBT Organizations, 330 athletes from eleven countries participated. From the very first day, organizers and participants were faced with attempts to disrupt the Games. Pressure was administered with the involvement of police forces, the Federal Migration Service and Moscow authorities.


Russian authorities' decision on possible military intervention in Ukraine is still not supported by any convincing evidence of the existence of serious threats to the Russian Federation or to the civilian population of Ukraine, which would require serious measures such as bringing of troops to the territory of a sovereign state. This decision caused a threat of an aggressive war.


On June 29, 2013, participants in a peaceful demonstration in support of human rights and equality for people of different sexual orientations and gender identities (the St. Petersburg LGBT Pride Parade) found themselves the subjects of abuse and physical assault at the hands of nationalists. Having started their attack with vulgar verbal abuse, followers of various nationalist groups soon switched to beating the demonstrators and pelting them with stones and smoke bombs. Police officers at the site failed to act adequately in order to prevent the violence, leaving the demonstration’s participants in the position of having to defend themselves. The demonstrators displayed true courage and strength of spirit in the face of attacks that left many of them with minor or significant injuries. At least seven people were later hospitalized by ambulance.